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SEIAA - Kerala

SEIAA Kerala has been constituted by Government of india authorising to deal with environmental Clearance for projects falling under category “B” of schedule in EIA notifications 2006. SEAC Kerala has also been constituted by Governent of India to assist SEIAA Kerala.

India is the first country, which has made provisions for the protection and improvement of environment in its Constitution. In the 42nd amendment to the Constitution in 1976, provisions to this effect were incorporated in the Constitution of India with effect from 3rd Jan 1977. In the Directive Principles of State Policy in Chapter IV of the Constitution, Article 48-A was inserted which enjoins the State to make endeavor for protection and improvement of the environment and for safeguarding the forest and wild life of the country. Another landmark provision in respect of environment was also inserted, by the same amendment, as one of the Fundamental Duties of every citizen of India. Read more..

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